Welcome to my local travel site! I’m Amber and I’ll be your host on this journey.. this blog is about sharing with you, its about helping you get ideas on where to go and what to do in this colorful state! The most honest and authentic thing I want to express here first, before anything, is that I love doing this and that’s the only reason behind this entire site. I’m a group gathering host, an outdoor adventure lover, a romantic, and an experience-everything kind of girl!

I’ve ventured quite a bit of Colorado (34 trips so far and still more to do), now that you’ve made it here you can pick any City and read my stories with some tips and advice on each adventure I took- I’ll add new cities on an ongoing basis!

From solo trips and couples getaways to group gatherings with friends … along the way, I’ve made some mistakes. So I’m here for You now, to be a resource, no strings attached! Email me, ask me questions, use my advice … or don’t! I’ll share with you my experiences and leave it to you to form an opinion. If there’s a town I’ve listed that you’ve always wanted to go to, I want to help you feel comfortable going. I will be honest, supportive, I’ll be like a friend you’ve never met!

Why is this here for?

Although I’m a Colorado Native, don’t get me wrong I love transplants! You guys may find some of my information handy, if not entertaining. You won’t make the same mistakes I did and you’ll explore all the bad ass parts that deserve to be explored here, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, everyone is welcome to join Caribou Nation!  I want to point out the hidden gems to you! Feel inspired to live the real Colorado experience, whether you have a tight budget or you’re ready to splurge on a nice trip, no matter what’s in your pocket- you’ll get some ideas here. Lastly, this is not a hiking blog, there are all kinds of different activities posted here; from snowmobiles, boating, hotels & spas and adventure parks to romantic secluded vacation rentals… I can amp it up or tone it down! Why not go to a ski resort during the summer season? or who says you should only go to Garden of the Gods to hike? You will find some non-traditional activities here, its how my mind works, I’m just not very traditional. It all depends on what you feel like doing! Either way, I want to help you be informed, I will give you any resource that I have- along with interesting stories! Also, I dedicate a song to each blog post, cuz why the heck not? so if you’re ready, let’s do it!