About Me

I am not a photographer, nowhere near it, also not a fitness buff who can rock climb dangerous mountain cliffs in our canyons, just a girl starving to experience more things while I’m here. I try everything, no matter how bad I end up being at it, or how stupid I may look doing it! Life is one huge opportunity and I want to take full advantage of it.

Love planning group getaways and hosting, the smile on my friends faces and the way they reminisce about “that one time”, makes it all worth it to me. Suck at snowboarding, but I go anyways, no matter what! Don’t really care, I Live to Feel something! Work hard, play hard, laugh hard and love hard; that is what I choose to do with my time here!

I come from immigrant parents of Laos (Laos girl, represent!) and I’m so lucky, they ended up in Boulder, Colorado where I was born. My parents worked super hard, two jobs at times, cleaning and maintaining buildings. But dad liked taking us fishing and we went on road trips a lot, maybe that’s where my outdoor enthusiasm came from. Today I’m a single mom, my daughter is like my right hand, who’s traveled with me plenty. While I do try to influence her to have the same outlook on life as I do, I want her to be her own individual at the same time. I have a long background in the finance industry, went and earned my MBA (although I don’t think I can remember half of what I learned in college now). I also took the Stockbroker exam and failed… Twice! Its time to face it guys, my passion and love isn’t to be a leader in finance or a stockbroker! No, my heart can’t deny it’s one true love- Rocky Mountain Adventure! So here I am, embarking on this new journey and following my heart this time, I cannot wait! I want to bring you with me!