Lyons -Tiny House Resort

The concept of ditching your old way of living and trading it all in for a Tiny House, has grown tremendously. Tiny House Hunters on HGTV has caught onto the trend and people are changing their way of living all across the nation. The benefits are pretty damn appealing, living in a Tiny House means less water, less energy, less costs and the possibility of zero debt! Creative builders and architects are finding ways to make great designs and the most efficient use of space, considering the minimal amount they have to work with. And if you are an outdoorsie like me, you may not really need that much “house” to live in anyways. All things considered, people are ditching their big mortgage payments and moving into a Tiny House, could you do it? Well, thanks to the Tiny House Resort in Lyons, Colorado you can rent one and give it a try before taking it into serious consideration!

While attending a graduation party in Estes Park, an old friend in conversation mentioned seeing a display of Tiny Homes, while driving on the way into town. He said Tiny Houses of various styles and design were lined up in the town of Lyons, this sparked my interest. Later, a coworker explained they knew an investor in the Tiny Home resort called Weecasa and when I got to digging, I learned these were the very same ones. It was very telling, I knew I had to reserve for a night and see what it was all about!

We checked in on a Saturday in the Fall and the weather was just perfect. Weecasa sits in a quiet area by the St Vrain River and wasn’t a far drive from the Denver area, it was the perfect quick getaway. Our check in was easy, we were let in as early as 2:00pm and the host walked us to our unit, where we were able to unload and park. I was quite jealous of the other tiny houses nearby, one had floor to ceiling windows with a modern design and another looked straight out of a fairytale, it was called ‘the hobbit’. Many of these weren’t available the weekend we were out there, so book early! Regardless we were able to stay in pretty a unique one- The Boulder, at 135 square feet built in Durango, CO, yes it still had a mini kitchen with stove and fridge, shower and flushing toilet, as well as a loft with a Full sized bed! Believe it or not. My honey and I felt like we were kids playing in a play house, but we brought the groceries we needed to make dinner, some wine and a laptop with extra mini speakers for a movie and soon realized that we really didn’t need much more than that! The day was spent outside by the river, setting up our camping hammocks and listening to music. And I gotta say… there’s just nothing like laying out by the sound of river, surrounded by the colorful falls leaves. It was an afternoon well spent reconnecting with good conversation, we lost track of time, but headed back inside to start dinner.

Quiet time is at 10pm, which was ok, because we were buzzed with wine, watching bands on youtube, followed by a really interesting movie the remainder of the night! We couldn’t help but notice there was also a wedding going on at a property just across the resort, but that didn’t bother us. The next morning was spent packing, making a quick breakfast and checking out; the one night stay flew by fast.

After some observations, we realized we could not realistically live in a Tiny House, I couldn’t help but notice that the minimal storage space could never hold my clothes! And the close living quarters mean you will feel very much in eachother’s personal space. Our loft was above the bathroom, so there was not much privacy with sounds! Some things I appreciated, were the small sink in the bathroom that drains into the shower, the 2 burner stove and mini counter space with stools, for an indoor eating area. As well as the cubbies built into the stairs for storage, to place your things. And although we aren’t certain we could ever live this type of lifestyle permanently,  I’d highly recommend this Tiny House Resort as a quick couples getaway or a fun weekend with your kids- just for the experience!

Weecasa – Tiny House Resort
Lyons, CO

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Thanks for reading guys!