Rifle, CO

While traveling late one summer from Denver to Moab, Utah, we decided to stop in Rifle, CO. I had never been to Rifle, but it was the perfect stopping point, because it was on the way and it helped break up our drive. We found a place to set up our tent near Rifle Gap Reservoir, where you’ll find many campsites to choose from! And while it was good place to rest our head for the night, it was definitely a different camping experience than what we would have preferred. Here, I’ll discuss Rifle’s campsite amenities and fees and the easily accessible waterfall at Rifle Falls State Park just down the road. Choose from any of these campgrounds surrounding Rifle Gap Reservoir, in the summer between May through September, you are looking to spend $20 for a basic site and there are also RV sites available with electrical hookup (at varying prices). These are the type of sites with square gravel patches for you to setup your tent, a picnic table, and a building with bathrooms within walking distance. It’s the type of camping where you can hear and see your neighboring campers and you really won’t feel as though you are roughing it. But hey, I won’t turn my nose up to it, this is sometimes ideal for certain people! Some may not want entire seclusion in the woods and like having real bathrooms with real walls-that’s okay. I’m here to deliver my experiences and information, leaving it for you to choose! Just be sure to book online [ here ] or go super early if you plan to pay as you arrive, because the summers are so busy and you’ll be lucky to find a spot! When we arrived on a Friday night, the woman at the pay station had one spot open and if it weren’t for that, we would have slept in our car.

Along CO-325, a stop at Rifle Falls State Park is a must, its a good way to spend the afternoon taking photos of the 3 roaring waterfalls and exploring the limestone caves. Its easy to get to and doesn’t even require a hike to get there, you’ll pay $7 per car, you’ll park and walk right up to it- yes seriously. Again, the summer is crazy busy so go early and if not, just be prepared if they turn you away due to a full lot.

So what’s there to do when you get here? I’m a huge fan of the lush greenery, the plants are well hydrated from the natural falls and when its sunny, the pool of water at the bottom sparkles. I visited Rifle Falls State Park on a separate occasion, but it allowed for an afternoon of great photos. We spotted awesome fish easily seen through the clean water at the base of the falls and limestone caves, both accessible on the left and right side of the falls. Hopefully my photos can best represent our visit, but mostly I hope you get a chance to explore Rifle, CO yourself if you’re headed West of Denver!

Rifle Gap Reservoir
Rifle Falls State Park

I chose this Song For The Post, because it was the perfect jam for our drive!

Rollin – Calvin Harris feat. Future and Khalid

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