Buy a Hammock!

Its pretty simple, hammocks need trees. And if purchasing a hammock means that 2 New Trees are planted, thanks to YOU, then why the heck wouldn’t you do it-right? It’s a win-win outcome, you get an awesome new hammock and the earth gets much needed trees.

It was because of this and their amazing initiative, that I wanted to become a Brand Ambassador for Madera Outdoor.

Let me give you a discount code! Use Amber40 and you’ll get 40% off your Hammock Purchase Here!

Your purchase will go towards planting trees in Africa, creating economic equality by helping families combat hunger and poverty. Make an impact in the chain of poverty!

Just how exactly do trees help?

Entire forests in Sub-Saharan Africa have been cut down, exposing the area to floods and as a result washed away farms that they rely very heavily on. Trees can and will help restore this, it will provide families with something sustainable to farm, sell and support livestock-just to name a few. Madera Outdoor has partnered with Trees for the Future to make this happen and hopefully we all can too! And hell yea Caribou is on board with it!

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